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The authenticity of the transcript has not been independently verified by the BBC, but Romania's interior ministry has been contacted for comment.

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The authenticity of the transcript has not been independently verified by the BBC, but Romania's interior ministry has been contacted for comment.

Alexandra's family accused officials of failing to take the calls seriously. Romania's police chief Ioan Buda has been sacked and interior minister Nicolae Moga has reed, but critics are demanding more reations.

On Saturday, thousands of demonstrators marched through the streets of Bucharest, chanting "incompetence" and calling for more government sackings. Mr Dinca's lawyer, Alexandru Bogdan, told Romania's national news agency Agerpres on Shemale prostitutes oxnard that his client had "confessed [to] his crimes".

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What happened to Alexandra? Alexandra disappeared last Wednesday while hitchhiking to her home in the southern city of Caracal, police said.

On Thursday morning, she called the emergency sexy chat with cambridge end three times and said she had been abducted. Authorities said they initially struggled to trace the location of her call and searched three buildings before identifying the house at GMT on Friday. They did not search the property until 19 hours after Alexandra's final emergency call.

Police said they suspected the human remains found at the property - which were sent for testing - belonged to the girls.

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What do the call transcripts say? Alexandra made the three phone calls to on 25 July between andaccording to the transcript shared by her uncle, Mr Cumpanasu.

In the first call, Alexandra tells the operator she has been kidnapped by a man and taken somewhere in Caracal. Unable to find out where Alexandra is being held, the call disconnects and the operator requests help from a police officer.

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Minutes later, in a second call, Alexandra tries to give the operator more details about her kidnapping. Midway through the second call, a police officer takes over from the operator.

Alexandra re an address and the policeman tells her to remain where she is until officers arrive. The conversation ends and Alexandra makes a third call. Each day, new details make headlines.

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The of DNA tests on charred bone and teeth fragments found in the murder suspect's house are due to be announced on Friday. Although the suspect, year-old Gheorghe Dinca, any ladies wanna chat admitted murdering both girls, there are inconsistencies in his story about where he apparently disposed of the bodies.

The story is affecting national politics too. Even Monday's surprise decision by the Constitutional Court to throw out recent changes to the lrading code - pushed through parliament escort ads cardiff the Social Democrat-led government - has been connected to the case. Some commentators suggest that the current atmosphere in the country influenced the court's decision.

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Just three months before elections, Prime Minister Viorica Dancila is struggling to limit the damage to her government. Romanians remember how an earlier Social Democrat government was forced to re esxorts Novemberbecause of a string of failures, which led to the death of 65 young people in a nightclub fire in Bucharest.

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