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Eat, sleep, rest proper to lose weight

Losing weight is not that difficult, just that you do not know how to effectively lose weight. Here are some tips to lose weight proven effective.

Eating just enough

With those want to lose weight, the reduction is less to most safely and efficiently. If split from hunger level on a scale from 1-10 to no, then the person can only eat slim physique to step number 6 – 7 people fat or gain weight easy to always eat at 9-10.

Cause: Due to the weight gain is always easy to equate feeling of fullness and satisfaction. Also, due to the habit of always eat what is on the disk.

Weight loss diet with foods low in fat, oil and grease

Let’s just eating food dropped about 80% just enough, not the large meals or too much at dinner. So, when eating half portions, place your chopsticks down and watch belly has no sense of how the scale from 1-10. You can not perform even the limited amount of food, but set many times, you will eventually form the ability to recognize a feeling of satisfaction, and slow the rate of food – a necessary element to limit eat and lose weight too. Eating enough is also one of the effective to lose weight fast

Get enough sleep

Insomnia is one of the true causes your body to easily fall into a state of fatigue, depression and affect your health. Enough sleep is a way to help you have a healthy, smooth skin stretch and above all plus points for “the cause” of your plan to lose weight. This trick is simple and easy to implement, so, try to sleep 8 hours / night it’s okay.

Do not eat when you are sad, upset, idle

When you are not psychologically stable and sadness, boredom, then you should go for a walk or do something to kill time so you can help your body relax and be more comfortable. How about this, you are trying to lose weight in any way. So, at times feel sad, angry, depressed, idle … .hay trying to do something and not solved by “torture” stomach.

You sad, bored huh? Please turn on some music, and songs you like to forget.

Annoyed huh? Draw what makes you annoyed face and into the paint whatever you like, draw cat whiskers, for the mole … But do you annoyed, please write it down on paper. Reading aloud to or read, knowing what you do not see it n the stupid, why I bothered because the longer you talk like that.

You’re idle? Idle is the “engine” to you “assassinate” the stomach and reducing your weight effectively since this moment “down the river to the sea”. Go find something to do, help mother with housework, or write something … to share with friends.

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