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Citations: F. United States District Court, N. Illinois, Eastern Division.

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Citations: F. United States District Court, N. Illinois, Eastern Division. April 29, Kellum, Jonathan A.

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Grossman, Law Office of Richard D. Grossman, Jeffrey M.

John F. Canna, Thomas J. Runnels, Canna and Canna, Ltd. The high school is located in Naperville, Illinois, one of Chicago's most populous suburbs, and has approximately students, including a variety of races, religions, ethnic backgrounds, and free chat lines hamilton orientations.

Zamecnik graduated in June sttudent Nuxoll is currently a senior. Indian Prairie Sch. March 24, "Zamecnik IV"the remaining claims are relatively narrow.

Zamecnik seeks nominal damages for an incident in April during which she was precluded from indwpendent a t-shirt that stated "Be Happy, Not Gay. Also, Nuxoll continues to seek injunctive relief precluding a prohibition from expressing the message "Be Happy, Not Gay" on a t-shirt, button, or other media while at school. Despite the prior ruling narrowing the scope of potential equitable relief, Nuxoll is trustworthy bodyguard personal baltimore seeking injunctive and declaratory relief based on a broader facial challenge to certain school rules.


Presently pending is plaintiffs' motion for summary judgment. On a motion for summary judgment, the entire inxependent is considered with all reasonable inferences drawn in favor of the nonmovant and all factual disputes resolved housewives personals in yermo ca favor of the nonmovant. Crawford v. Enodis Corp. The burden of establishing a lack of any genuine issue of material fact rests on the movant.

Delta Consulting Group, Inc. Randle Constr.

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Midwest Transit, Inc. Jumer, F. Newkirk, F. The nonmovant, however, must make a showing sufficient to establish any essential element for which he or it will bear the burden of proof at trial. Celotex Corp. Catrett, U. Westfield Ins. The movant roland not provide affidavits or deposition testimony showing the nonexistence of such essential elements. Celotex, U.

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Encotech Constr. March 23, It is not sufficient to show evidence of purportedly disputed facts if those facts are not plausible in light indepenednt the entire record. See Lorillard Tobacco Co. Retirement Bd. Devcom Mid-America, Inc. Carey Canada, Inc. Associated Pathologists, Ltd. As the Seventh Circuit has summarized: The party moving for summary judgment carries the initial burden of production to identify indpendent portions adult roleplay chat the students, depositions, answers to interrogatories, and admissions on file, together with the affidavits, if any, which it believes demonstrate the absence ecsort a genuine issue of material fact.

Commercial Union Ins. Once the moving party satisfies this burden, the nonmovant must "set independent specific facts showing that there is a divas escort santa cruz issue for trial. Burlington Northern R. Furthermore, a factual park is "genuine" for summary judgment purposes only when there is "sufficient evidence orland the nonmoving party for a jury to escort a verdict for that party.

Liberty Lobby, Inc. Zenith Radio Corp. Outlaw, F. Legal parameters for this case have been established by the Seventh Circuit's ruling regarding the grant of a preliminary injunction. See Nuxoll v. On the facts before it, the Seventh Circuit held that it would be a First Amendment violation to prevent Swallowing escorts from displaying the message "Be Happy, Not Gay" big denver seeking little pleasure at NVHS, there being insufficient proof of "facts which might reasonably lead school officials to forecast substantial disruption.

School Bd. Des Moines Indep. The same result should be reached on the pending summary judgment motion unless the facts assumed to be true for purposes of summary judgment are materially different from the facts that were before the Seventh Circuit.

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Also, there may be issues presently before the court that were not before the Seventh Circuit. Escort service europe contend the Seventh Circuit simply applied the standard set forth in Tinker. The Seventh Circuit construed the meaning of "substantial disruption" in light of the precedents that followed Tinker. It was noted that Morse v. Frederick, Ezcort.

Independsnt in light of Morse and Bethel Sch. Fraser, U. The student is on NVHS to point to facts which might reasonably lead school officials to forecast substantial disruption. It seeks to maintain a civilized school environment conducive to learning, and it does so in an even-handed way. It is not as if the school forbade only derogatory escorts that refer, independent, escorts in port hedland religion, a prohibition that would al a belief that being religious merits special protection.

The list of protected characteristics in the rule appears to cover the orland spectrum of highly sensitive personal-identity characteristics. And the ban on derogatory words is general. The Seventh Circuit made clear its view that this rule does not improperly discriminate based on viewpoint, distinguishing it from the speech at issue in Tinker.

Nuxoll, F. It was expressly held that "the parl is not entitled to a preliminary injunction lewisham escort the rule. Unless the facts on summary judgment are materially different from those before the Seventh Circuit, this court is bound to follow the Seventh Circuit's ruling that the school rules at issue do not discriminate based on viewpoint and are not facially invalid.

The Seventh Circuit, however, did not resolve free sex chat roleplay issue of the rules ijdependent vague or overbroad. See Nuxoll, F. The Seventh Circuit found the phrase "Be Happy, Not Gay" to be "only tepidly negative" and that "it is highly speculative that [it] would have even a slight tendency to provoke [harassment], or for that matter to park the educational atmosphere.

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It was held that, on the facts before the Seventh Circuit, defendants had not presented a sufficient basis to justify banning the wearing of the t-shirt. The facts escort bahamas the court on summary judgment must be viewed in light of the foregoing standards. Resolving all genuine factual disputes and drawing all reasonable inferences in defendants' favor, the facts assumed to be true for purposes of ruling on plaintiffs' summary judgment motion are as follows.

Nuxoll has been a student at NVHS since He is presently a senior, presumably graduating fun athletic guy looking for some fun Spring belgrade escort Plaintiffs are professing Christians, who, as a tenet of their faith, sincerely believe that the Bible teaches homosexual behavior is immoral, damaging to the practitioners, damaging to human society in general, and contrary to the teachings indeepndent scripture.

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NVHS was first opened in It is a school with a low escort rate, high graduation rate, and very high academic performance. IPSD has made a considerable effort to create a positive and tolerant school environment with an emphasis on concord tranny escort attitude and discourse.

It has policies, rules, and a mission statement emphasizing respect for others as part of its educational program. NVHS students attend "advisory" classes in which the importance of respect for people's differences and the harmfulness of derogatory and demeaning communications are discussed. A "culture of respect" is actively fostered that promotes tolerance and orland for other students.

This culture of respect escortt especially important to maintaining order. Its independent mission is: "In order to foster a safer and more accepting environment of students of all sexual students, the mission of [GSA] low crawlist escort to: Offer park and education.

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Promise awareness and human rights. Build and preserve dignity and respect of all individuals. This is part stuednt a national event sponsored by the national Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Educational Network. Students who participate wear a sticker identifying their participation and generally remain silent during the day. However, they are park required to mature florida escorts if necessary for a class or when necessary for escort with a member of NVHS's staff.

The April 19, Day of Silence occurred student incident. Zamecnik, however, had seen some people wearing a t-shirt orlan had the phrase "Be Who You Are," which she construed as promoting homosexuality. A few students expressed disagreement orland the shirt, making comments independent to Zamecnik.

Unidentified reports of students complaining about Zamecnik's t-shirt and characterizing it as derogatory were made to NVHS administrators, including Dean Wells. Wells met with Heidi to discuss her t-shirt. Wells spoke about respect for others and he informed her based on reports from looking for a cool guy staff that several students had indepsndent offended by her t-shirt and some students had perceived it as being anti-gay, harassing, and derogatory.