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It is simple to lose weight

1. Drink plenty of water

Water plays an important role in the activities of the body, drinking enough water to ensure that the organs can function normally. Water is also one of the saviors of hunger struck. Drink water when you feel hungry, a glass of water will help soothe your hunger, limiting the amount of food intake.

A glass of water before meals helps you limit your calorie intake, a glass of water before going to bed helps prevent strokes, a glass of water after waking up helps the stomach to work better, a glass of water on an empty stomach help soothe cravings …

Drinking plenty of water is good for the metabolism to burn excess fat in the body, purify the body weight loss and beautiful skin.

2. Sugar habit

Many people have the habit of used sugar in food, sugar in tea or coffee. This is absolutely not good habits for people want to lose weight. So start changing habits, leaving the use of sugar, appetite changes to reduce calorie intake should be included in the road. Every time refused to give sugar to a cup of tea or coffee you can reduce about 15 calories.

If you still cannot give up the habit of using sugar in the diet, use a little and slowly back away, it is best to limit the load on the body line because the demand for quality sugar in the body has an adequate supply of vegetables.

3. Positive life attitude

Positive attitude and great impact to lose weight. Instead of lamenting the rain, cold, difficult weather, think positive thoughts, the outdoor campaign is not replaced by motor home, find ways to comply with the prescribed time set, assurance plan to burn fat, weight loss is done. Not only have the time to exercise to lose weight new campaign, please take advantage of the time anytime and anywhere to campaign. Instead of feeling food hard to swallow to imagine your slender body in the smaller size clothes.

4. Absolutely not skipping meals

Do not mistake skipping meals will make you lose weight by limiting the amount of food is loaded. Skipping meals causes your weight loss plan vulnerable burden off the sugar. Skipping meals can make you eat more at the next meal.

More serious, skipping meals frequently will cause your body weakness, fatigue, ease your boredom, not enough energy to exercise to lose weight, susceptible to digestive and stomach.

5. Eating fruit regularly

Fruits rich fiber, vitamins, natural sugars are good for the body, especially those who are looking to lose weight and are confused to choose the express way to lose weight. American Dietetic Association recommends eating one portion of fruit before each meal will help you cut down on the calories intake at a meal.

Eating fruit helps the body relieve hunger, feeling full quickly, no long, body promote the enhanced metabolism, burn fat, freeing energy for the body’s activities .

Moreover, eating more fruit will help you lose weight effectively and beautiful skin, rough skin care, avoid wrinkled due to lack of water, lack of substance.

6. Do not relieved psychologically by eating

Many people choose to relieve psychologically by eating. However, this is one of the culprits causing your body every day a puffier. Please delete immediately that thought of eating selected as the spiritual, psychologically relief.

Instead relieve sadness, stress with select dishes from gentle walking, listening to a smoothing music, chatting with relatives to avoid eating due to uncontrolled emotional instability.

7. Sharply between feeling hungry and craving

Sharply between feelings of hunger and cravings will help you reduce the amount of feed load intake a bluff.

Eat when hungry indeed feeling irritated, like eating for watching movies, being stimulated by the photos. If you are working with appetite without hunger or cravings clearly, wait about 15 minutes if you still feel like eating, eat something you like, but don’t eat too much, anh don’t eat anything what you think the first in your mind.

8. Spend 30 minutes walking a day

Spend 30 minutes walking a day is simple tips to help your body burn energy, prevent fat accumulation in the body. 30 minutes of exercise each day helps your body healthy, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, digestive.

9. Have a plan before you go to the supermarket

Make a specific plan before you go shopping, what to buy for the weight loss diet to avoid anything like also bought. Do not going to the market with a plan will be fill refrigerator with food, your stomach swells each day for a favorite food for immediate stimulus.

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