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Lose weight Hypnosis – How can hypnotherapy help you lose weight?

Why you become overweight?

By addressing the psychological root cause of weight gain for a particular person, a new attitude towards food can be created and will prevent that person from turning to food when they are anxious, lonely, stressed, bored, depressed etc and therefore allow them to lose weight much more easily that struggling with a diet. David Samson’s technique is a fresh and unique approach to the serious problem of emotional eating and obesity.

Firstly, let’s look at the reasons why people become overweight in the first place:

  1. By eating too quickly – Do you feed rather than eat? Hypnotherapy will help you slow down your eating and allow you to actually enjoy eating and become an eater rather than a feeder.
  2. By eating to compensate for boredom, lack of love, loneliness – Hypnotherapy will enable you to fully understand your emotions, your reactions to them and allow you to break the link that your subconscious has between emotions and food.
  3. By eating to reward themselves with food might seem a good idea at the time but will only lead to the pounds piling on. Hypnotherapy will enable you to fully understand why you need to reward yourself and once again break the link that your subconscious has between reward and food.
  4. By always clearing their plates – Do you sit on the settee and just pile the food into your mouth while you watch your favorite soap? Hypnotherapy will help you slow down your eating and allow you to feel the ’stop sign’ that tells you when you are full. This factor alone will reduce your food intake dramatically by ensuring that you eat ’consciously’.
  5. By skipping meals and eating low fat foods – Hypnotherapy will motivate you to embark upon a regular and healthy eating regime.
  6. By overeating to protect them selves – Hypnotherapy will allow you to explore the root causes of why you eat to protect yourself and allow you to move on and successfully lose weight but permanently this time.

Are you an Emotional Eater?

The human body has an automatic mechanism that tells us when we are hungry and when we are full. Once a person has reached that point, they will stop eating and feel pleasantly full.

Lose weight Hypnosis - How can hypnotherapy help you lose weight?

In the case of an emotional eater, the ‘stop signal’ is completely ignored and they carry on eating for a psychological reason rather than a physiological one. They go way beyond the point where they should really stop and feel bloated, lethargic and guilty. Why would a person want to do that? An emotional eater cannot lose weight by dieting alone – psychological issues need to be fixed first.

…now take the test – how many ’YES’ answers?

How can hypnotherapy help you to lose weight?

Lose weight Hypnosis - How can hypnotherapy help you lose weight?

As mentioned earlier, traditional dieting strategies don’t work for emotional eaters. The subconscious mind has a deep-rooted need for excess food because of an emotional event from the past and dieting is NOT the solution.

The emotional event in question needs to be remembered and ’fixed’ before any long term progress can be made with regards to weight loss. A course of hypnotherapy sessions will allow the subconscious to take the client back to the emotional event or events that are causing this attitude towards food. These are the first steps in eliminating the subconscious desire for excess food.

Next, a new attitude towards food needs to be created and this is done whilst in hypnosis together with self help at home. Once the attitude has become permanent, new eating habits will have been formed. You will begin to enjoy food for the correct reasons, eat only when hungry, stop when full. You will lose weight and keep it off.

What can I expect from the hypnosis therapy?

Your attitude and relationship with food will change dramatically. You will be able to identify the ’stop sign’ much more easily and stop eating when full. You will become more motivated to eat better quality food, steering away from junk / processed foods preferring the ’healthy option’

You will feel better about yourself – as you lose weight, your confidence levels as well as your self esteem will increase causing you to have a more positive outlook. This new positive outlook will allow you to tackle obstacles in a much more motivated way.

If you have been suffering with self-image issues, these too will be addressed leaving you feeling less critical of your appearance.

Issues that have been subconsciously affecting you for many years will be resolved, reducing stress levels as well as other unwanted behaviours and habits such as self-sabotage, binge eating and punishment. Once these issues, have been resolved, you will finally realise that you can now ’take back control’ of your life and make the decisions for yourself.


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