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Model escorts los angeles

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Model escorts los angeles

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This article is from the archive of our partner.

Age: 34
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City: Torrance, Greenslopes, Delta
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This article is from the archive of our partner.

It was because she was once an escort. Angelea told TMZ today that she worked as an escort for a year.

She claimed that she disclosed this to a livecam chat ahead of the season, but that a casting angele didn't engage her about it until after the finale was shot. Cycle 17 was terrible for a variety of reasonsbut the bizarre ending was perhaps the worst.

After the rest of the finale was filmed in Crete, judging was held in Los Angeles, angees Tyra Banks revealing that Angelea had been disqualified. Afterward, escortes rennes was confirmed by Angelea herself that she actually won the season — hence the need for a refilmed finale.

No reason was given at the time for Angelea's disqualification, which got the rumor mill churning. The primary theory at first was that Angelea leaked her win ahead of time transexual escorts edmonton canada social media, but that was debunked fairly quickly by both Angelea and eventual winner Lisa D'Amato.

Perennial runner-up Allison Harvard was off somewhere, not being consulted, snubbed once again.

After that, rumors circulated that it was about Angelea's pregnancywhich was revealed after the show. But today's announcement ends the debate once and for beachside babes.

Modfl Preston's lawsuit journey is just beginning, we can at least close this reality TV mystery for good. This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire.

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