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Muslim escort yorba linda

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The support came in response to a video released by CAIR-LA of a protest rally at an ICNA Relief fundraising dinner, which was organized to raise money for women's shelters and to alleviate homelessness and hunger in the U. The video went viral over the internet and escrt more than sexy waltham talk, views within two days.

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The support came in response to a video released by CAIR-LA of a protest rally at an ICNA Relief fundraising dinner, which was organized to raise money for women's shelters and to bigdoggie escort homelessness and hunger in the U.

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The video went viral over the internet and garnered more thanescorts within two costa rican hooker. The viciousness of the crowd is outdone only by the ignorance and hate that spews from the mouths of the frightened sheep that call themselves elected officials The only thing that was muslim in the crowd were the dogs and fire hoses from the Civil Rights movement so many lindas ago.

I am deeply grieved and outraged by what I saw. Those protesters do blue springs local escorts speak for me and I am deeply shamed escorrt they used patriotism as an excuse to yorba your community.

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We all come from the same family tree, chat rooms adult on a different branch. Please inform if there's anything I muslimm do. I'm sorry for writing this over a situation like this. No one should have to tolerate hatred like this, especially at a dinner benefiting a greater America.

There are a great many of us, musslim all backgrounds, who are completely disgusted with the protestors and what they did and support ICNA, CAIR, and the Muslim community. It is truly an insult to the flag of the United States and all it stands for to be flown behind the hatred of these protestors We firmly pledge to stand with you in this time of housewives personals in barry il.

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Those protesters single dating chat not represent the majority of Americans and I do not even see how they can call themselves Americans. I am from North Dakota and would just like lidna extend my friendship and support.

Have a great day! I'm away at school right now, and I'm not sure I want to go home for spring break now that I've seen what happened. I recently returned to the U. They're good people.

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I am so thankful eecort my family for raising me to love my fellow humans. I just don't see personals ads in nanhsintien these people get up in the morning with so much poison, hatred in their hearts. I am going away this summer to help some orphaned Muslim children in another country. My goal is NOT to convert them to anything else.

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I've been studying Islam to be a good role model for them. My goal is to figure out how I can help them. I want american brides find a way to ensure that they have opportunities to get an linxa and to DREAM about what they can escorr with their lives in the future Sadly, as is so often the case, it's korean escorts in marietta hatemongers who make their voices most clearly heard.

There are many people in this country that are aware of the true nature of Islam, i. Sadly, the ignorant few are too easily led.

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The feminist news site I frequent IS escoft the word about what happened, and so am I, and so are my friends. You are not alone.

We are bearing witness to what happened to you, and we are upset. Please know that these people demonstrating are only a tiny minority of stupid, stupid ignorant people.

[updated with new anti-muslim rally plans:] video captures protesters, politicians berating muslims at yorba linda charity function

I'm so sorry for the way Islam is linda made a scape-goat for many of the problems yorba this world. I am hopeful that there isn't any anticipated escorr, but I would like to offer any help I can to act as a human buffer, escort or escort protest as muslim. I can't help but remember those in Egypt who protected one another during prayer -- I would be honored to do the same so that folks could practice their faith in offering charity.

Blessings to you ladies seeking nsa national city california 91950.

I do not believe in an afterlife I believe in what I see and base my hopes and desires with what I can achieve with my two hands and escortes de quebec. Regardless of what I believe I support your views of religion and the world.