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CLA SUPERIOR Safflower Oil Dietary Supplement Pills 1000 mg – Natural Weight Loss – Belly Fat Burner – Increase Lean Muscle Mass – Complex Conjugated Linoleic Acid Safe for Daily Use – 90 Softgels

By: Weight Loss Development Inc.

  • PURITY MATTERS! Our Customers Have Purity In Mind That Is Why They Can Tell Our Conjugated Linoleic Acid Is Better Than the Rest of the CLAs and Tonalin – We Have the Highest Natural Purity You Can Find In Weight Loss Supplements And Products – If You Want a Superior Quality Product That Delivers Results This Is the CLA for You – Our Customers Feedback Speaks for It Self – Read Our Reviews! See Sarahs RESULTS and other satisfied customers in the images to the left.
  • GET EDUCATED! This Is a Science Backed Weight Loss Supplement – And We Will Help You Reach Your Goals! Buy Now and Get a 30 Day Ticket to Our Weight Loss and Fat Burning Concierge Program Where You Can Get All Your Weight Loss Questions Answered PLUS Our CLA Instruction Manual For Optimized Weight Loss Results Including Blueprints Recipes And Tips for Weight Loss Snack Foods **No Risk – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • BEWARE – ACT SMART! Pure CLA is a Very EXPENSIVE Raw Material. There Are Many Generic CLAs On The Market With Quality That Is Parallel To The Price. A Lot of Other Brands Selling CLA Cut Corners By Using Cheap Raw Materials With Lower Purity. The Saying
  • DELIVERS RESULT! CLA Is a Supplement That Has Been Studied Very Thoroughly and has Hundreds of Studies (including University of North Carolina, the University of Memphis and the American College of Sports Medicine) Proving Effectiveness For Weight Loss and Fat Burning as a Stand Alone Weight Reduction Product. But It Also Works Hand in Hand With Our Fat Burner Superior – Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract – Raspberry Ketones – l-carnitine – Carb Blocker – Metabolism Boosters – Diet Kits Or Other Sports Nutrition.
  • EXCELLENCE and SATISFACTION! We are a small American family run business and put all our efforts in having 100% Satisfied Customers and The Highest Quality Products. Our CLA Has Strong Appetite Suppressants Benefits – Lose Weight – Burn Fat – Reduce Waist Size – Promote Muscle Growth – Metabolism Booster. We Apply Quality Controls At Every Phase of the Product Development. From The Moment The Raw Material Enters The Plant, Until Our Finished Products Enter The Store, We Ensure Every Product Meets Our Incredibly High Standard Of EXCELLENCE. Our Products Meet The FDA Standards And Each Ingredient is Issued a Certificate of Analysis. Weight Loss Development’s CLA is of Superior Quality, containing 80% Pure CLA – the HIGHEST QUALITY on the market. Our success is based on our clients’ results. CLA has been highlighted several times in a famous DR. SHOW on TV. 6.05 Oz. Made in USA.

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Product Description

– Aids the transport of fat into the mitochondria of cells, where the fat is burned away for fuel.
– Prevents storage of the fat that you eat.
– Spares muscle from breaking down, results in muscle growth and increased metabolism.
– Helps you to lose waist size and get rid of stubborn fat areas..
– Supports overall health.
– Highly effective for weight loss together with a healthy diet and exercise, especially over time.
– Hundreds of studies shows that CLA is effective for decreasing fat and muscle growth.
– Made in USA in a GMP certified facility.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting any weight loss program or taking health or weight loss product.


  • GET LEANER MUSCLES AND INCREASED METABOLISM – Proven to aid in transport of fat into mitochondria of cells, where it is burned as fuel. This increases amount of fat being burned which spares the need for burning of your muscles that you have worked so hard for.
  • USE CONTINUOUSLY TO INCREASING EFFECT – Many fat burners fade after 3-6 weeks so you need to take a break and start again. CLA Superior is a supplement that be used continuously over time so your results are stable and more likely to last long term.
  • EVEN HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES AREN’T ENOUGH – We need CLA to function properly but due to modern cattle-raising techniques it is almost impossible. To get the ideal daily allowance of 3 gr you would need to eat 7 lbs. of beef or 4 gallons of milk! Top up your daily intake for optimal body function.
  • TRUSTED FACILITY MADE IN USA – Manufactured USA in GMP certified facility with only the highest quality ingredients to create our premium supplements that are covered by our 100% lifetime guarantee so there is no risk to you
  • BONUS WEIGHT LOSS GUIDE INCLUDED – As an extra to your purchase, you will receive a weight loss guide eBook that includes plans, tips and inspiration to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals faster.

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