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Asiatic Dogwood Cornus Officinalis Powder Natural 100% Korean Herbs Diet Detox Tea 300g(10oz)

By: Shinsun Herb

It is good for female menopause.
It is good for revitalization by strengthening liver and kidney function.
Excellent efficacy in the energetic enhancement.

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Product Description

Cornus Fruit has been used for no less than 2,000 years in Chinese language natural drugs. Its Chinese language identify is shan zhu yu. Cornus is shrub that grows to a peak of 30 toes (10 m) within the forest areas of East Asia from China to Korea. Cornus is strongly related to the kidneys, the reproductive device, and, to a lesser volume, the liver. Cornus berries have an extended historical past of use in a number of medicinal tonics, together with the ones used to regard over the top urination, incontinence, over the top sweating, over the top menstrual bleeding, reduced erectile serve as and untimely ejaculation. Cornus could also be an component in formulation that deal with ringing of the ears (tinnitus), negative listening to, blurred imaginative and prescient, dizziness, surprise and trauma, and quite a lot of different stipulations. – You’ll be able to drink the tea sizzling or chilly. – Upload it to smoothies or yogurt and revel in! – Keep away from publicity to direct daylight, Stay in a groovy, dry position. – 24 months after manufacture. (Delivery’d just lately produced merchandise.)
It’s excellent for feminine menopause.
It’s excellent for revitalization by way of strengthening liver and kidney serve as.
Very good efficacy within the lively enhancement.
How one can Take : 1-2g an afternoon. Placed within the water or beverage is determined by people
How one can Retailer : Stay it clear of the direct-gentle or Stay it within the refrigerator

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