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Brain Forza Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom for Memory and Nerve Support, Pack of 90 Capsules

By: Brain ForzaTM

  • Purest, most potent Hericium in the world*
  • May support mental alertness and nerve growth factor*
  • 2-6x stronger than other popular Lion’s Mane extracts, delivering over 1g of Polysaccharides, and its NOT EVEN an extract!
  • One of the staples, traditionally used as a brain booster by TCM*
  • No heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides or other contamination, as can be found in wild or farm grown Hericium

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Product Description

Overview: What is lion’s mane mushroom?? One of the staples of traditional Chinese medicine, hericium erinaceous or lion’s mane mushrooms are increasingly studied for their neuroprotective effects. Hericium erinaceous, also referred to as bearded tooth mushroom, hedgehog mushroom, bearded hedgehog mushroom, pom pom mushroom, or bearded tooth fungus. Lion’s mane mushrooms have been traditionally used in japan and China for hundreds of years. Lion’s mane mushrooms are edible mushroom you may find in Chinese vegetarian cuisine, used to replace pork or lamb. Lion’s mane is in the the tooth fungus group and doesn’t look like your usual cap and stem mushroom. Instead, it features flowing, thick stringy barbs, almost making it look like the back of a white hedgehog. While not the most visually appealing appetite wise, this mushroom has some pretty promising research behind it and was once reserved only for the palates of the royal families. Our hericium erinaceous is the purest and most potent in the world. We use only certified organic growth medium in a state of the art 21st century proprietary solid state fermentation process. No heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides or other contamination, as can be found in wild or farm grown hericium, 100% made in America. Our organic lion’s mane mushroom contains just over 1,000mg of organic polysaccharides. Compare that to most extract products which feature only around 200mg. Our organic lion’s mane mushroom is the best hericium available today and is always in limited stock due to quality vs batch size restrictions, so buy while you can our mushrooms are cooked to 125°c. Raw mushroom grown to naturally contain about 69% total polysaccharides by weight.


  • Pure usda certified organic lion’s mane raw material, packed and, most potent hericium in the world
  • Use daily to help maintain brain health, support mood and cognition, support nerve growth factor and nerve health
  • Naturally contains 2-6x more polysaccharides than popular lion’s mane extracts, delivering over 1g of polysaccharides, and it’s not even an extract
  • Organic lion’s mane mushroom is excellent cellular brain food and one of the staples of tcm, touted as a brain booster
  • No heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, insect droppings, or any of the other contaminants

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