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Doctor’s Best Extra Strength Ginkgo, 120 mg Vegetarian Capsules

By: Doctor's Best

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Brain and mental function numerous clinical studies have been published on ginkgo biloba extract. Much of this extensive research deals with ginkgo’s beneficial effects on the brain and mental function. Supports circulation foremost among its actions, ginkgo biloba extract supports circulatory function in the brain and also in the extremities. Enhanced blood flow to the brain means better delivery of oxygen and nutrients. Many observed benefits the clinically observed benefits of ginkgo biloba extract include improved short-term memory, and a positive effect on mood, sociability, thinking ability and hearing. Powerful antioxidant ginkgo biloba extract is a powerful antioxidant. Acting as free-radical scavengers, ginkgo’s flavone glycosides help prevent damaging peroxidation of cell membrane lipid components. Platelet activating factor (PAF) the ginkgolides have been shown to inhibit platelet activating factor (PAF). Controlling PAF reduces clumping of blood platelets and improves circulatory health. Oxygen delivery by maintaining blood flow in the extremities, ginkgo biloba extract supports oxygen delivery to tissues and promotes ability to walk without discomfort. Discussion ginkgo biloba extracts rank high among the most popular herbal products in europe, where sales exceed $500 million annually. Ginkgo biloba extract is non-toxic, free of side effects, and safe for continuous use at the recommended intake level. Extra strength ginkgo extract should be taken for four weeks or more before results can be expected.

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