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Greek Sage (Faskomilo) 50g

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The scientific name of sage (Salvia) comes from the Latin verb Salvare which means ‘save’ or ‘healing’. Already the ancient Greeks and Egyptians years knew and praised his qualities. The French call it “tea of Greece” because of the abundance of our land. Greece has identified 23 species of sage. The plant has a strong aromatic smell and is cultivated for its medicinal properties as a beverage but also as a condiment. The sage is one of the most gifted and rich herbal properties of Greece.

Excellent tonic and cordial. It stimulates the nerves, adrenal glands and the circulatory system. Nefrotonotiko for any form of debility and weakness, nervous weakness, tremor, dizziness (vertigo), and neuralgia.
Sharpens the mind and stimulates memory (discernment).
Sage in the form of decoction is ideal for the treatment of oral injuries, afthon, pharyngitis and gingivitis.
Gargarismoi with apple cider vinegar counter-irritation of the mouth and throat.
Ideal in case of catarrh or cold with combination of mountain tea and chestnut honey .
It has antibacterial, antiseptic, astringent and iostatik action.
Beneficial to the liver , kidney and bile.
Hormonal action: it is the strongest prooistrogoniko herb useful, therefore the symptoms of menopause and dysmenorrhea (emmenagogue), particularly in sweats.Helps diuresis.
In large doses it is antiperspirant, ie prevents sweating. Useful in cases of hyperhidrosis hands and body and night sweats. In small doses act differently and cause sweating.
Washes with the infusion of the active anti-acne, infections, wounds, trauma of hair loss and alopecia. Tones and revitalizes tired and aching muscles. Relieves cramps. Improves the color of dark and gray hair. Tones and gives shine to dry and brittle hair.
Cooking :
Use in poultry, pasta, legumes and meats and for seasoning various dishes and zomon.
Use it to create wonderful vinegars.
Considered beekeepers plant providing high quality honey.

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Greek Sage (Faskomilo) 50g

(lowest price at 17/11/2017 04:16 PST- Details)

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