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ASIAN PANAX KOREAN GINSENG CAPSULES – 13% Ginsenosides | 15Xs More Absorption 4Xs Faster| No Addiditives or Other Ingrediants | Natural Energy, Stress Reduction, Anti Aging | Ginseng Capsules

By: Nutriana

  • WORLDS MOST EFFECTIVE GINSENG: 15x increased absorption and works 4x faster than traditional ginseng
  • FULL HEALTH BENEFITS: Award Winning patented process produces industry leading 13% ginsenosides
  • NATURAL ENERGY: increase energy when body levels are low and relax and calm when stress levels are high
  • KEEPS MORE VITAMINS: with low heat extraction compared to traditional high heat ginseng processing
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: If you are ever unsatisfied we will refund or replace your current product

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Product Description

“If I was on a desert island and I could only have five supplements, this would be one of them.” -Dr. Joseph Bosiljevac Jr. MD PhD FACS

“A 65 year old male patient, feels that his level of energy and endurance has improved since he has been taking GINST-15. He believes it is a much better product than any other supplement he has tried in the past.”-Dr. Midori Nishida

Not All Ginseng is Created Equal

With over 40 years of research Nutriana Ginsei® is the revolutionary breakthrough in nutrition science. Ginsei® gives a caffeine free energy boost while providing a clear mind and added focus to your day. Benefits that come from taking our ginseng include natural stress relief, smooth energy, mental clarity, relief from adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, and even helps bring your blood glucose to normal levels. Studies show panax ginseng to be a natural libido enhancer for men and women, and as an alternative natural treatment to Viagra.

Our fermented Korean ginseng is the most potent ginseng available offering 15 times increased absorption and 4 times faster absorption than traditional red ginseng products. Our secret is in our award winning patented preparation process producing 13% ginsenosides which provides you with the amazing health benefits of ginseng.

Our Story

It is our dream for everyone to be able to live well. Life is meant to be joyful; full of love, laughter, and happiness. This is the inspiration behind the Nutriana brand and it is our mission to make the best products to help you live the best life possible. In a market where so many supplements fall short of expectations and even deceive customers, Nutriana aims to be different. We guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and we only use the best ingredients possible. We take pride in our company and if for any reason you are not satisfied with our product contact us and we promise to make it right.


  • WORLD’S MOST EFFECTIVE GINSENG: Our ginseng absorbs 15 times more and works 4 times faster than traditional ginseng. Clinical studies show one dose of GINST-15 to be equivalent to at least 1000 mg of standard ginseng. Ginsei is harvested after four to five years when the roots contain the optimal balance of bioactive components called ginsenosides, which provide the amazing health benefits of ginseng.
  • FULL HEALTH BENEFITS: Ginsei uses an award-winning, patented process to produce industry leading 13% ginsenosides. Ginsei has an abundance of health benefits which include: natural stress relief, mental clarity and focus, helps normalize the blood glucose level, as well as provide relief from chronic and adrenal fatigue.
  • NATURAL ENERGY: Today’s market is saturated with sugar packed and highly caffeinated energy drinks. When we consume too much sugar in our diets, it can lead to many harmful health conditions. Unlike coffee or energy drinks, Ginsei is a great alternative and provides a natural, caffeine-free energy boost.
  • KEEPS MORE VITAMINS: Unlike traditional red ginseng that uses a high-temperature steaming process which can destroy beneficial vitamins and amino acids, our Ginsei uses a low vacuum extraction process which keeps the whole root of the ginseng intact, preserving essential vitamins and providing faster absorption by the body.
  • A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY: Our goal is simple, to provide the best products derived from nature which are reinforced by science and research. We love empowering people to live enriched, happy and healthy lives by providing products we are proud of. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let us know and we will either replace the product or provide a full refund. We promise this forever.

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