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Sexy COFFEE 8 in 1 Instant Coffee Mix Slimming Drink (Box of 3)

By: Rich - Ropa Sexy Coffee

SEXY COFFEE 8 IN 1 Instant Arabica Slimming Coffee – 10 Sachets
Natural and healthy ingredients- GARCINIA CAMBOGIA, Green Tea Extract L-Carnitine, Mangosteen, Tongkat Ali, and Stevia
Designed to help you lose body weight, body fat, improve body composition and improve energy.

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Product Description

Horny COFFEE 8 IN 1 Wireless Espresso Combine Slimming Drink (10 Sachet)


  • ARABICA COFFEE – Probably the most top advantages of Arabic Espresso, is that it incorporates antioxidants like Diet E which is helping scale back the chance of infections and sicknesses. Do not be concerned approximately indulging in a cup of Espresso overdue at evening, as the share of caffeine in Arabic Espresso is far lower than standard Espresso. Actually, as a result of the little quantity of caffeine, this implies it is a lot fitter than common black Espresso.
  • GARCINIA CAMBOGIA -Identified for being fats blocker, urge for food suppressant, spice up metabolism, lowers blood ldl cholesterol and improves immune serve as.
  • GREEN TEA -Identified to be loaded with antioxidants, build up fats burning and can help you drop a few pounds and will spice up metabolism.
  • L-CARNITINE -Identified to burn frame fats, boosts power and might decrease chance of middle illness by way of making improvements to dilation.
  • STEVIA -Referred to as the one sweetener that may be no longer destructive however has exact well being advantages. It has no energy and one hundred% Herbal.
  • MANGOSTEEN -Understand for being an antioxidant, incorporates Diet C, detoxifies your frame, just right blood circulate, reduces ldl cholesterol and spice up vulnerable immune machine.
  • TONGKAT ALI -Understand for anti-tension and muscle conditioning, athletic efficiency and selling the aid of frame fats.


  • Coffee
  • Creamer
  • Stevia
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Inexperienced Tea
  • L-Carnitine
  • Mangosteen
  • Tongkat Ali


  • Will have to be taken 15-half-hour ahead of breakfast.i
  • Pour 150ml of scorching water in a cup and upload 8 in 1 Horny Espresso Combine. Stir smartly and ENJOY!i

This product is NOT appropriate for youngsters, pregnant and lactating ladies. Retailer 8 in 1 SEXY COFFEE in a groovy dry position and keep away from direct warmth or daylight.
SEXY COFFEE 8 IN 1 Wireless Arabica Slimming Espresso – 10 Sachets
Herbal and wholesome Foods- GARCINIA CAMBOGIA, Inexperienced Tea Extract L-Carnitine, Mangosteen, Tongkat Ali, and Stevia
Designed that will help you lose frame weight, frame fats, fortify frame composition and fortify power.
Non-dairy and sweetened with stevia. Halal Qualified. Protected and efficient.
Effects might range from individual to individual.

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Sexy COFFEE 8 in 1 Instant Coffee Mix Slimming Drink (Box of 3)

$15.95 $9.45
(lowest price at 26/04/2020 23:15 PST- Details)

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