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Hippo Herbs Supreme NanoCurcumin 250mg Supplement with Curcumin Extract (60 Vegetable Softgels) Super Antioxidants Support Immune System Health | Natural

By: Hippo Herbs

  • Promotes antioxidant health
  • Support immune system
  • 60x better absorption than standard curcumin
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Product Description

Pure Health Support

Supreme Nanocurcumin Supplement features a potent standardized extract of the curcumins from Curcuma longa root, also known as Turmeric. According to the research, Curcumin health benefits include: anti-oxidant, gastro protective and hepato (liver) and neuro protective.

Product Details:

  • Supreme Nanocurcumin Supplement
  • Highly-Refined
  • Antioxidant Protection
  • Supports Immune System Function
  • Volume: 60 Vegetarian Capsules
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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  • · Better targeting – Supreme Nanocurcumin is more targeted to the affected tissue whereas turmeric or curcumin dilute in the blood and reach out to all the tissues, leaving only a small quantity that actually hits the target tissue
  • · Better absorption – Supreme Nanocurcumin is better absorbed by the body as compared to turmeric or curcumin which are majorly flushed out of the system once consumed
  • · Stronger effects – Supreme Nanocurcumin has stronger effects as it only targets the affected tissue. The effects of turmeric and curcumin wear off because of the lack of proper availability to the target.
  • · Powerful Antioxidants – Research suggest nanocurcumin contains essential antioxidants, which may help protect vital processes and fortify youthful vigor and vitality.
  • · Pure Quality, Guaranteed – We stand behind the purity of every Hippo Herbs product for safety, reliability, and daily use. Be sure to contact us for any issues.

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