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The Depression Cure That Big Pharmaceutical Companies Wouldn’t Like One To Discover!

Depression is an illness that has been one of the more widespread disorders in the world today. It currently affects about 350 million people worldwide – additionally the issue is getting worse. Around one million people each year commit suicide because they’re struggling with depression, and year on year that figure rises at an alarming rate. Because of the year 2020, depression will have become second and then heart disease as a cause of premature death.

In the USA and Northern Europe, around 10% of individuals avove the age of 12 are currently taking antidepressants to help ease their depressive symptoms. Just think of that for an additional – Should this be the truth, in that case lots of people are taking drugs for depression and these drugs are so readily available, then how come the situation getting worse?

The Depression Cure That Big Pharmaceutical Companies Wouldn't Like One To Discover!

Destroy Depression System

Well, it is very easy. For the reason that antidepressant medications for depression are notoriously expensive, ineffective and associated with a high chance of sometimes horrifying unwanted effects – including increasing suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, individuals with this problem in many cases are eager for a cure, and are happy to pay any price tag, even if they have been told concerning the problems and limitations of this medication. On a yearly basis, the pharmaceutical industry keeps rolling out new, higher priced and still ineffective drugs. And each year, the profits for the industry keep increasing…

In fact, based on, in 2011 the antidepressant market was estimated to become worth $10 billion in America alone. On a yearly basis since it has got bigger and bigger, and shows no signs and symptoms of slowing down. Meanwhile, how many people suffering with depression grow at a far more rapid rate. Exactly why is that? Pharmaceutical companies will tell you, “more antidepressants are now being sold because more people have depression” – but that is just casting a veil throughout the truth.

The stark reality is this; The numbers of people with depression must certainly be coming down if more folks are taking drugs to help them, the reason why the thing is getting worse may be the drugs are not working!

Knowing this, if I told you that there clearly was an approach to cure depression naturally, without using any useless medication helping to make pharmaceutical companies fistfuls of income, and without the weekly sessions with a therapist which will cost a small fortune…would you a bit surpised that no doctor or therapist is letting you know about this? Needless to say not! In reality, each patient that a physician treats for depression will probably be worth around $300 to your medical and pharmaceutical profession each year – it is no wonder they hand out antidepressants like skittles!

Well, do you know what, there is certainly such a remedy! And it only involves the utilization of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques that could be done at home, and some dietary and change in lifestyle.

Now, you may expect such great findings which will make big news right? Not too. The truth is, the pharmaceutical and medical industry is driven by profits, not benefits to patients. For this reason they keep designing drugs which are expensive, of limited effectiveness, and that need to be taken continuously for many years. That’s the perfect combination for ensuring ever-increasing profits. A typical example of such shameless profiteering on a sizable scale is the wide prescription of statins for anybody with even borderline high cholesterol. Statins actually have very limited effectiveness, are related to a number of side-effects, and…guess what…once a person starts taking them, they will certainly have to keep taking them for his or her whole lives! Not too surprising will it be? If you believe about it, when was the final time a pharmaceutical company cured anything? It will be the same aided by the drugs they prescribe for depression – no medical expert or anyone active in the industry will need one to realize that you can easily cure yourself of depression for only a few dollars, if they can get you to pay thousands upon thousands in your lifetime with regards to their “latest wonder-drug”, or charge a fee a lot of money just to sit in a leather chair and listen to you talk for just one hour per week, without ever offering any solutions or guarantees.

If you want to know more about the natural cure for depression that the medical industry is striving so hard to help keep hidden from you, the go-to guy is James Gordon. Gordon is an independent researcher and former depression sufferer, who in recent years has been spending so much time to expose the medical industry’s unscrupulous tactics. He’s got also published the highly acclaimed:

Destroy Depression System


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